Behind the scenes of our new commercial

Behind the scenes of our new commercial

94 years is a long time to be in business, and it’s something we are deeply proud of at Wells Insurance. While our legacy provides us with a long list of business relationships and clients who have been with us for decades, we know we have to keep reaching out to remind new clients of all the services we offer. So, we decided it was time to make some commercials to cross-sell our services.


After all, if we are writing your boat policy, you may not realize we can offer Risk Management services to your small business. If you know us through our Employee Benefits office, you may not realize we can offer tremendous value by helping your large business with employee training and record keeping through our web portals. If you’re a business owner and work with our commercial office, you may not realize that by writing and bundling your home and auto policies together we can offer you solutions to make your life easier. And finally, you may not realize that we are one of the only agencies in the area who can offer you coastal home insurance that INCLUDES wind!


So, we’ve been out and around town, filming some scenes for our new commercials that will air this spring. Thought we’d show you a little behind the scenes commercial shoot action, to give you a preview of what is to come.


Contact us for a quote on your home, auto, boat, health coverage or your commercial policy, and let us help tune you in to our careful protection services.

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