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Wells Insurance makes me feel like family!! I recommend Wells over and over again.
Kimberly B
Customer since 2017
Personalized, friendly service. Insurance customized to our unique needs. Questions answered in a timely manner.
Customer since 2006
Quick response to changes and questions. We have been with Wells for quite a few years and feel like they truly have our best interest in all interactions.
Customer since 1985
Chrissy helped us find lower rates for our home insurance without a request from us or any type of prompting. She is very responsive to all of our questions and has been since we have dealt with Wells Insurance for over 10 years.
Jane B
Customer since 2008
Great Rates. Best policy coverage. Great staff!
Mark R
Customer since 2014
The Wells Team is responsive, resourceful and accessible. Great people.
Customer since 2016
My agent keeps me well informed as to: -upcoming deadlines -opportunities to reduce coverage costs with the same coverage -opportunities to reduce costs by shedding/reducing coverage that is no longer needed We have property and risks at locations far from Wilmington. Wells stays familiar with the various demands of these areas. I'm a totally satisfied customer!
Robert R
Customer since 1976
Wells Insurance has been our Insurance company for over 3 decades. As always, we receive excellent service from Wells Insurance, especially from our agent who handles our real estate (both personal, & rental) properties, & our vehicle insurance. Our agent at Wells is always friendly, knowledgeable, & gets back with us promptly if she needs to check on something for us. She always looks after our best interest, even giving us information as to better/best options for our coverage. We have also used Wells Insurance for getting bonded. We highly recommend Wells Insurance to other people for all insurance needs. We do not even consider other companies - why would we when we have received the best service for decades.
Susie L
Customer since 1991
Jason was invaluable in assisting me in binding coverage for my new boat. I was absolutely lost without his assistance. Having been denied coverage from my agency I was distraught and Jason made it happen. True professionalism and he made it look easy. Great job!
Terence S
Customer since 2020
My marine insurance agent at Wells is extremely knowledgeable, in fact I would classify him as a boat insurance expert. That is not someone that I have found at other agencies.
Stephen C
Customer since 2011
I have worked with Wells for over 10 years. We've been through 2 hurricanes and a couple of other incidents and they have been extraordinary in their support. They cover several vehicles and have all of my insurance. Great to work with. Great follow up. And customer service that can't be beat!
Alfred C
Customer since 2010
We like a independent agent so we can have choices for coverage
Donna J
Customer since 2013
Personal attention. Always a quick response. Provides answers to any questions. Courteous. Been a customer for over 15 years. Highly recommend giving them a chance, especially Chrissy Stone.
Gary B
Customer since 2007
I've been a Wells client, both personal and commercial accounts, for nearly 25 years. The account managers for both lines have been very professional, and have made me feel like they always had my best interest in mind at all times. I'm now retired but still trust Wells with all of my personal lines of insurance. My account manager is the best and makes me feel like I'm her only customer.
Customer since 1999
Saved me close to $1300.00 on my auto and homeowners insurance. Very pleased with these savings.
Phyllis G
Customer since 2009
Super fast response. Clarified all questions on policies involved. Saved significant amount on homeowners/wind&hail/auto/boat/umbrella. It was a pleasure to work with Wells Insurance!
David S
Customer since 2020
After using State Farm for years, I decided to investigate alternative coverages and costs. Wells Insurance really came through on both counts, offering national company options at significantly reduced rates for home, auto, boat, and motorcycle. Very glad I made the effort. Service and support has been excellent as well.
Customer since 2018
We appreciate the customer service care from Wells Insurance that we get. We're not a major client in terms of coverage or cost, but you wouldn't know it from the way we're treated! Terrific company.
Customer since 2014
Friendly and competent customer service. Best rates.
Richard C
Customer since 2013
The best group of folks that I have ever had the privilege of dealing with relating to my vehicle and home insurance for many years.
Earl P
Customer since 2005
I have used Wells Marine insurance for several years now. I get prompt and friendly service always. I had a break-in a while back and was impressed on how helpful they were and how quickly I was helped! I've been a boat owner for 25+ years and have found my agent for life!
Customer since 2018
When we moved to southeastern NC, many locals recommended Wells as an independent insurance agency, so we went all out with auto, homeowners, wind & hail insurance through them, and had them handle the flood policy, as well. A short time later we purchased a boat, so went back for coverage on that. In the short time we've been in the area, we did sustain some damage from a hurricane, which was handled very well by the carrier, but we ran into problems reconnecting with them when we found unseen damage several weeks later. Our agent at Wells jumped right in and had the issue resolved immediately. I recently renewed my boat insurance, and the agent found me a better policy at a significantly lower premium. To say I am happy with Wells Insurance is an understatement. I highly recommend them.
Ray B
Customer since 2017
We all appreciate being able to make a phone call and talk to a real person who is also knowledgeable and immediately takes care of our needs!
Donna C
Customer since 2017
I'm new to Wilmington as of last year when I bought a house here. Coming from a small town to a bigger city, I thought I would miss my small town service--but that's not so with Wells Insurance. They are right on top of things, keeping you informed of changes and knowing you by name. They make you feel as you are not just a policy but a special customer they wish to serve.
William P
Customer since 2019
My family has been associated with Wells Insurance for over 30 years. A truly professional organization that has responded when we needed them.
Customer since 2014
Wells keeps in contact with us on what we need to be doing and they are willing to review our policy as needed. I especially appreciate when a storm is coming how you all personally make sure we are prepared with policy needs and post storms.
Customer since 2001
When faced with a hurricane insurance claim and a rather difficult claims representative from the insurance carrier, our agent at Wells intervened and the claim was expedited and handled fairly and efficiently. Very much appreciated by homeowners in distress.
Richard A
Customer since 2014
Hurricane Florence caused damage to our house and we put in a claim. This was the acid test. Everything was handled professionally, courteously and as timely as possible under the circumstances. The claim settlement was very fair.
Customer since 2016
Chrissy is always one step ahead of me looking for the best coverage at the most economical price. I have never been able to match her results.
Mike C
Customer since 2012
Price and service are 2nd to none!
Mark M
Customer since 2016
I have and will continue to recommend Wells Insurance to my friends for their boat insurance needs. The customer service never disappoints me. Wells is quick to respond and always looks out for my best interests.
Brian L
Customer since 2013
You just make things easy.
Customer since 2016
We had our Flood Insurance with Wells for over 20 years - they have always been responsive to our questions and concerns and have kept us updated on changes we needed to know about and renewal reminders. They are a true hometown insurance agency and treated us like family.
Ken F
Customer since 2000
My first visit, i walked in downtown, and talked to a lovely woman who helped me with my request to consolidate all my policies. What really impressed me was that she advised me to hold off on my cars, as I would receive no partial reimbursement for the months on the auto policy. Then I was kicked over to Chrystie at Oleander who picked up the ball and ran with it. These two charming women saved me a bunch of money and that makes me happy!
Leonard S
Customer since 2020
I have recommended you many, many times. Anytime someone is talking about insurance, I tell them about how you can help them because you helped me.
Nancy C
Customer since 2017
Recent claim was smooth and fast, thanks!
Customer since 2019
Communication has always been excellent. The response to Hurricane Florence was amazing, especially when I hear about other homeowner experiences. Top notch and very professional.
Dale G
Customer since 2017
When our home was damaged badly by Hurricane Florence, our agent at Wells served as a very patient and efficient guide in helping us deal with our Florida-based home insurer. Could not have done it without her, and we got every claim reimbursed.
Judy R
Customer since 2012
My associate is always available when I have a question. I never have to deal with automated responses. I call directly to her and if I have to leave a message, she always responds in a timely manner. Great customer service!!
Stefanie B
Customer since 2003
Having a local agent to reach out to when needed is great. The service I received was excellent.
Customer since 2010
Simply the best auto and homeowners insurance on the coast!
Customer since 2000
In such a field for the consumer to shop, part of the decision making process (in addition to premium) is the relationship with the agent, the confidence projected, and the reputation for excellence and keeping your clients needs at the forefront in all you do. Wells Insurance and their entire staff have exceeded my expectations and surpassed my past experiences with other agencies.
Douglas E
Customer since 2019
Best insurance agency ever!
Rufus T
Customer since 2015
You look at all the options available which allowed us to pick the policy and insurance company that was best for our needs. My agent has always returned my calls and emails when I needed information or had a question in a timely manner.
Customer since 2019
Very helpful with helping us get what we needed to close our loan and pricing was better than others. I told my friends about you and they said they would be changing insurance to you. Some other friends were interested in a quote as well. Thank you for making me love my insurance enough to tell others about it!
Pam J
Customer since 2019
My family has been with you for 50 years. Thanks!
Brenda W
Customer since 2005
Well's understands insurance needs associated with ocean going marine vessels much better than the generic big insurance companies that spoon feed data into data analytic machines and regurgitate the computed output with no understanding of marine vessel insurance needs of their customers. I am very happy with Wells.
Marty L
Customer since 2019

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