WECT Cape Fear Business Break – Hurricanes

The video above captures our CEO and COO, Hal and Steve Wells, being interviewed by WECT News reporter Meghan Donohue for one of their Cape Fear Business Breaks. Hal and Steve explain how hurricanes affect Wells Insurance and how we help the community during claim time. Please take a couple minutes to watch the short video or read the transcript of the video below.

REPORTER (MEGHAN): Hello, thanks for joining us. Today, we are at Wells Insurance and I am talking with Hal and Steve Wells. Gentlemen, we are officially in hurricane season. When it comes to insurance, how do you help our community during this time.

STEVE: In our personal insurance division, we’ve got 25 professionals who specialize in homeowner’s insurance, wind coverage, auto coverage, flood, and personal property insurance.

MEGHAN: And Hal, I would imagine that this is a very busy time for you.

HAL: You know, it is. Hurricanes affect us just like it affects our clients, but that’s when we’re needed the most. So once a hurricane passes, we bring up our two main locations here on generator power and start taking claims. A couple years ago when we had Florence, we took over 3,500 claims. Our role is to advocate on our client’s behalf during claim time.

MEGHAN: And what does that mean, “advocate for clients”?

STEVE: So, during claim time, it can be very tough, especially during a big loss like a Florence or a hurricane event. So, our family and staff have spent over a hundred years developing relationships with our carriers so it allows us to advocate for our clients, where we can help you navigate and manage the claims process and be your voice to the insurance company during claim time.

MEGHAN: Well it sounds like it’s working, based on the number of positive testimonials you have on your website.

HAL: Yeah, you know Meghan we’ve been very fortunate, we’ve got over 3,000 testimonials from clients sharing their experiences. It truly is amazing to see the impact that we’ve made in our community. As an independent agent, we can take care of all your insurance needs.

MEGHAN: Alright, and it starts with a call. So, schedule an appointment today 762-8551 or check them out on their website, wellsins.com.

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