NC Azalea Festival Vendor Insurance

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NC Azalea Festival Vendor Insurance

Welcome Azalea Festival Street Fair vendors!

If you are participating as a vendor, the event organizers require that you secure up to $1 million in event insurance.

NC Azalea Festival Vendor Insurance

If you don’t have NC Azalea Festival Vendor Insurance already, we can provide you with easy to obtain, affordable coverage for the three day Waterfront Street Fair during the festival. It takes just a few moments to complete.

Securing insurance for this year’s event is fast and easy.  Simply click the button above to purchase this coverage instantly and receive your Certificate of Insurance. You will be required to submit your Certificate of Insurance (COI) to the event organizers once you have been accepted as an Azalea Fest vendor.

For questions, or if the link to purchase above isn’t functioning properly, feel free to reach out to us at (910) 762-8551 or through our contact form.

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