National Safe Boating Week 2021

National Safe Boating Week 2021


Safe Boating

National Safe Boating Week—which is scheduled for May 22-28 this year—encourages boaters to maintain reliable vessels and follow responsible boating practices. As this event approaches, be sure to keep in mind these safe boating tips.

Before Boating:

  • Know the Rules. Complete a boating safety course and review applicable laws before operating your vessel. Take note that many states require boaters to obtain a license.
  • Refuel Carefully. Ensure your boat has enough fuel prior to your trip. If you notice any unusual fumes after refueling your vessel, don’t start the engine
  • Assess your Vessel. Regularly evaluate your boat for damages, and make repairs as needed.
  • Pack Smart. Stock your boat with adequate emergency supplies and provide enough life jackets for every passenger.
  • Establish a Float Plan. This plan—which should inform a trusted individual on land of your trip details and emergency contacts—can help bolster recovery efforts if something goes wrong.

On the Water:

  • Watch the Weather. If you notice signs of a storm approaching while boating, return to land immediately.
  • Be Responsible. Stay alert at all times and operate your vessel at an appropriate speed. Instruct passengers to remain within the boat’s railings whenever it’s moving.
  • Uphold Anchoring and Docking Protocols. Always follow the anchoring and docking procedures required for your vessel. These protocols can prevent drifting concerns and pier collisions.
  • Avoid Alcohol. Never operate your boat while under the influence. Doing so can negatively impact your judgment, vision and coordination on the water.

Maintaining and operating a boat is definitely fun, but there are risks. Utilizing safe boating practices is vital before going, and while you are on the water!

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