Navigation Limits For Your Boat

Navigation Limits For Your Boat
Marine Insurance navigation limitsFEATURED FAQ – Navigation Limits

When it comes to navigation limits, we are talking about where you can and cannot have your vessel during certain months which revolves directly around Hurricane Season and high-risk locations. Your marine insurance policy will meet your navigation needs if they are disclosed at time of quoting. Where are you going to be taking the boat and when are you going to be taking it there? What is your itinerary for the upcoming year? If you are in waters that are not covered under your navigational warranty, then you potentially have no coverage while you’re navigating those waters during certain parts of the year. Whether or not you are affected by a hurricane impact, if your boat isn’t where it’s supposed to be and gets damaged, insurance will not protect you and your vessel.


Once we determine where you’re going to take the boat and when you’re going to take it there, we can define those limits within the policy to meet your individual needs. For example, many carriers will allow you to head south to Florida, the Bahamas, or Turks and Caicos, just not between June 1st and November 1st. During that time, you would have to stay north of the South Carolina/Georgia border, or you have no coverage. Realistically though, navigation needs are always going to be changing, especially if you’re an avid fisherman. You might want to get a trip endorsement to head south. If you are considering navigating outside of your limits during hurricane season, just give us a call. We are here to help you understand what type of coverage you’re getting through us. We want to make sure that you understand what we’re selling you, so in the event of an accident you’re not left out to dry.

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