Insurance For New Hanover County, North Carolina

We’re providing peace of mind with sound insurance options for coastal residents in New Hanover County, NC

Insurance for New Hanover County

We’re providing peace of mind with sound insurance options for coastal residents throughout New Hanover County, NC.

Wells Insurance offers a wide selection of protective solutions for you, your family, and your coastal property.

The market is changing, give yourself peace of mind through Wells protection!

In 2020, the U.S. experienced 22 disasters that each caused over $1 billion in damages. Is it any surprise that some prominent insurance carriers are pulling out of Southeastern North Carolina?

If you haven’t been affected by the home insurers’ exodus in New Hanover County, consider yourself lucky. However, chances are you will eventually feel the effects of the changing insurance landscape.

Many residents are receiving notifications from their home insurance providers that they are either taking significant rate increases or are having their policies non-renewed altogether.

“We’ve seen carriers go through a huge transition over the last few years, and those ultra-low rates are simply no longer available with the amount of losses that the carriers have sustained through storms not only here, but in other coastal regions.”

Meleah Sheridan
Account Executive, Wells Insurance – Oleander Branch

The reinsurance market which backs the insurance carriers is reacting as well. Although your carrier may not have had the losses of wildfires in California, that drives up the reinsurance costs for the carrier that is insuring you.

These are the same carriers that have been saturating the insurance for New Hanover County homeowners’ market over the last several years with wind-included homeowners’ policies at historically low premiums.

It’s definitely a very connected system that has unfortunately caused rates to go up for homeowners in the coastal area because our hurricane risk is high.

Wells is helping in this equation by being there to shop the marketplace of carriers for you, and to find replacement coverage in a rapidly changing environment.

Insurance for New Hanover County

Having 100 years of experience insuring homes and businesses in coastal North Carolina gives Wells Insurance not only the detailed knowledge but, more importantly, the broad selection of carrier relationships to help our clients weather this storm.

While many agencies had access to the wind and hail included homeowners’ carriers before now, few have the breadth of carrier options that Wells can provide its customers. Companies such as The Hartford, Travelers, Penn National, and Kemper may offer some brand familiarity and stability in this shaky marketplace of insurance carriers.

“Fortunately we’ve been in business for over 100 years in Coastal North Carolina, so we have a century-plus of experience with the catastrophic situations that come through. Very few agencies have the breadth of carriers that we have, or the relationships that have been built over decades, which provides opportunities for more options to our clients that most other agencies don’t have.”

Jared Cranford
Director of Personal Insurance, Wells Insurance

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