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Get down to business with a risk management partner, not just an insurance policy.

Risk Management Help

From construction to Non-profits, from municipalities to manufacturing, and from North to South and East to West, Wells Insurance will tailor a commercial insurance risk management program to your company’s specific needs and goals – however large or small.  


Licensed in 48 states and located in downtown Wilmington, NC with offices in Wrightsville Beach, Southport and Myrtle Beach, as well as partner resources located around the World,  we can help you everywhere you do business.


We are very experienced with highly unique risk situations, as well as a wealth of niche markets, allowing our team to deliver the best selection of protective products and services that your organization requires.  




In addition, our clients can receive access to our comprehensive risk management, employee safety and compliance platform, designed to proactively manage our client’s risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce claims, losses and associated costs.


With the Wells Insurance Risk Management Center, our clients can access tools to handle incident tracking/trending and claims reporting, manage Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Insurance, build Behavior-Based Safety programs, access a library of comprehensive job descriptions, build modified duty assignments, manage and automate employee training, and access a robust HR & Benefits database.


We provide access to thousands of resources to help you excel at your business. Let us help with communications, employee manuals, safety meeting topics and other tools to solve your risk challenges, so you can run your business smarter.


We can provide a formal Risk Assessment based on your specific business from our broad selection of industry experts. We have the tools to help you take action through specialized Risk Reduction Programs to lower your total cost of risk and make you more attractive to the insurance marketplace


We provide you with our dedicated Claims Advocate with decades of experience to represent you throughout the claims process.


We represent the largest and most financially secure insurance companies. As an independent agency, we shop the market to give you the best programs from the best carriers with global reach. You are not bound to one company with us.


We receive ongoing updates and legislative developments that we can share to help you through changes in your specific industry, as well as in the commercial insurance marketplace. 


Get to know our Commercial Team

Tony Pagrabs – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Randy Reeves – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Truett Booth – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Jeff Steele – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
John Williams
Account Executive – Commercial
Zach Sinclair –Bio
Account Executive – Medical
Chris Burkauskas –Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Laura Stoy – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Jason Riley – Bio
Account Executive – Commercial
Damien Mazzetti
Account Executive – Aviation
Chris Miller
Claims Manager – Commercial
Garrett Strader
Marketing Executive
Angela Malott
Performance Manager
Doug Johnston
Executive Acct Mgr – Commercial
Lynn Greenwood
Account Manager – Commercial
Brooke Bowman
Account Manager – Commercial
Teresa Barnes
Account Manager – Commercial
Judie Brenckman
Account Manager – Commercial
Judi Brown
Account Manager – Commercial
Glenda Bryan
Account Manager – Commercial
Anne Kinley
Account Manager – Commercial
Megan Withrow
Account Manager – Commercial
Megan Rogers
Account Manager – Commercial
Charlene Nelson
Asst Account Mgr – Commercial
Teresa Shrewsberry
Account Manager – Commercial
Sarah Milholland
Asst Account Mgr – Commercial

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