Wind & Hail Insurance

Wind & Hail Insurance Coverage

Save money and head into hurricane season with confidence that your coastal home is properly Wells Protected.

Protect your home from hurricanes with a wind & hail insurance policy

Wind insurance goes by many names: windstorm, wind and hail, or hurricane insurance, and is a specific policy designed to cover damage caused by high winds, tornadoes, or hail.

If you live near the coast, both a wind policy and a flood insurance policy are critical to cover damage that may be caused by hurricanes.

Wind and Hail Insurance is a critical component of protecting your home and other precious assets, and if you live in certain areas and have a mortgage, it may be required. In the state of North Carolina, a Wind and Hail policy might not be included as part of your homeowners’ coverage. Yet, in a majority of cases, especially on the east coast, it is wind and hail that can do the greatest damage. Not being properly insured for this type of risk can leave you without critical needed coverage to get you back on your feet in the event of a natural disaster or hurricane. Being prepared with the proper coverage to protect you and your family in a time of crisis is important, and one of the key aspects of securing the best protection for your assets.

Wind & Hail Insurance

Why switch to Wells for a Wind and Hail policy?

Save money

Life on the North Carolina coast is lovely, but coastal property coverage in the Carolinas can be costly. In many cases, policies in the “Wind Pool” tend to be more expensive and offer less robust coverage than policies written in the private market. Start saving money and let Wells quote you new coverage options today!

Reduce hassles

If you are happy with your current homeowner’s policy, you may choose to keep it with your existing carrier and layer on a separate wind and hail policy from one of our carriers. Want to simplify your life? Reduce headaches and bills by going with a single policy that includes your home, wind, and hail all in one! Both options can potentially save the average homeowner money when you exit the NCJUA. Let us help ensure you are Wells protected!

Gain peace of mind

North Carolina is no stranger to major storm damage. In coastal areas, your homeowner’s policy rarely covers the peril of wind—not even in the event of a hurricane. The NCJUA is the last resort market for securing this coverage. If you are still in the NCJUA Wind Pool (formerly known as the “Beach Plan”), you may have other options. A policy from Wells can reduce your costs and increase your peace of mind in the event of a hurricane or other major storm.

Wind & Hail Insurance

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