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Plans that benefit your employees, as well as your company.

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Wells Insurance handles Employee Benefits for a wide variety of businesses, large and small across North Carolina. Our staff is especially adept at benefits planning, as well as support for your individual employees — providing easy access to necessary forms, help with claims filings and claims follow-up.


Comprehensive Benefits Solutions:


Our team of employee benefits executives, managers and support staff has experience in a vast array of businesses, and can develop specialized benefits programs that add significant value and make financial sense for your company and your employees.


Using advanced technology, knowledge gained over decades in our field and tapping into our consulting expertise, we provide a wide variety of value-added professional employee benefits services to our clients..


We will work together with you to develop a customized strategic plan for your business that defines your objectives and outlines the step by step actions needed to achieve your goals.


Get to know our Benefits Team

Steve Sims –Bio
Account Executive – Benefits
Greg Gibson –Bio
Account Executive – Benefits
John Blackwell – Bio
Account Executive – Benefits
Carolina Kiser – Bio
Account Executive – Benefits
Rhonda Stutts
Account Executive – Benefits
Irv Pyun – Bio
Benefits Consultant
Kay Anderson
Executive Acct Mgr – Benefits
Sandy Wyrick
Service Advocate – Benefits
Jessica Thompson
Service Manager – Benefits
Becky Mayer
Account Manager – Benefits
Martha Swain
Account Manager – Benefits
Rachel Fuentes
Account Manager – Benefits

Benefits are our Business

Learn how we can help your business run leaner and smoother, with a vast library of valuable tools and documents free for our employee benefits clients.