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Wells Insurance is a leader at providing Employee Benefits Services for a wide variety of large and small businesses across North Carolina and South Carolina. Our staff is especially adept at benefits planning, as well as providing ongoing support with easy access to necessary forms, help with claims filings and claims follow-up.


Our team of experienced employee benefits executives, managers, and support staff will work with you to develop specialized benefits programs that add significant value and make financial sense for your company and your employees.


Navigating the ever-changing employee benefits world can be difficult, costly and, at times, confusing. When you factor in having to carry out important HR responsibilities, administering your company’s benefits offerings, educating and training employees, and providing timely employee communications to your workload, your task list can seem unmanageable and cumbersome.


That’s where we can help. In addition to our services, our clients also have access to thousands of researched, reviewed, reliable and easy-to-read resources that make their day-to-day operations significantly easier.


Using knowledge gained over decades in our field, and tapping into our consulting expertise, we provide a wide variety of value-added professional employee benefits services to our clients – working together with you to develop a customized strategic plan for your business that defines your objectives and outlines the step by step actions needed to achieve your goals.


Take advantage of the rewards of partnering with Wells Insurance for your employee benefits needs.


Professional Services




Stay in compliance with our easy-to-read, attorney-reviewed resources. We can provide timely Compliance Bulletins, comprehensive overviews and newsletters to help you comply with and understand employee benefits rules and regulations.



Acknowledging and overseeing the needs of your workforce can be tough. Leverage our HR expert on staff for your questions, as well as various HR-related articles, employee handbooks, employee communications, forms and benefits statements to help you remain an employer of choice.



With dozens of sample plan designs and timely benchmarking data, we’ll help you find the plan that is right for your employees and your organization’s bottom line.



Understanding the vast array of employee benefits terminology, legislation and plan options can be complex and time-consuming. Choose from hundreds of educational resources that are designed to make these concepts easy to understand.



We have the resources to help you properly educate your employees and empower them to become wiser health care consumers. Tackle your mounting employee communication concerns with customizable benefits announcements, employee newsletters and presentations.



Learn more about health care consumerism, an emerging trend that can result in reduced medical costs and improved quality of health care by requiring employees to take charge of their health care decisions, with our expansive suite of consumerism resources.



Investing in your employees’ wellness can help them become healthier, which, in turn, can help positively impact your bottom line, as healthier employees tend to use less health care services. We have customizable newsletters, flyers, infographics, guides and videos to help you achieve your wellness goals.



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