Wind Insurance? We have a great option…

Wind insurance is a necessity at the coast, but getting it can be expensive. Wind insurance from Wells is an alternative to pricey policies from the NC Wind Pool.

Wind Insurance? We have a great option…

Insurance coverage is of course a necessity for your home. While most homeowner’s policies on inland properties usually cover most of the typical risks – homes that lie along coastal areas and/or barrier islands typically do not include coverage from wind-storm damage (hurricanes, tropical storms, etc.). This info is critical to understand.

A specific wind insurance policy is needed to make sure your home is protected from damage due to wind.

wind insurance

A series of hurricanes brought repeated significant damage to many coastal areas. After those losses, finding Carriers who would provide coverage for wind became next to impossible. There came a point where few options for this coverage existed in North Carolina except for the NCJUA Wind Pool. What can coastal homeowners do to save money on home insurance?  Wells Insurance can offer you a better solution: Wind-only insurance that lets you keep you current homeowners policy, adds on wind coverage, and is in most cases significantly cheaper then using the Wind Pool.

Wells Wind Insurance products are now available at our Wilmington and Southport Personal Insurance centers. Call or stop by to let us review your currently policy and see if we can save you money by eliminating the NC Wind Pool and replacing that with a wind-only policy.

Keep your current base policy and add-on Wind Coverage and Save an average of $500.

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