2015 Super Chili Bowl!

Who’s chili will reign supreme?

2015 Super Chili Bowl!

While the big game was heating up on Sunday, the team at Wells Insurance got to warming up our best chili recipes for our 2015 Super Chili Bowl event.


Football bloopers played on the big screen, the scent of cumin hung heavily in the air, and we broke out the game jerseys for this fierce rivalry. Team spirit, pride and competition all came out on Friday to pit cook against cook, to see who’s chili would reign supreme!


Insuring our clients is one thing, but coming up with a recipe that would ensure our staff would all love it was quite another challenge. Our Wilmington team ended up with a tie for 3rd place! To keep things fair we had to have our neighbor Joe, from Cousin’s Deli make the winning taste decision. It’s hard to argue with Joe since he definitely knows good food, and our winners were crowned with the Bronze, Silver and Golden Spoon awards.


Play hard and work hard is the name of the game at Wells Insurance. Let our Super Team of insurance specialists line up and defend you from the unthinkable (like an interception on the 2 yard line after the most amazing catch ever- nobody saw that one coming – ugh! Maybe next year, Seattle!).


Contact us for a quote on your home, auto, boat, health coverage or your commercial policy, and let us help you make it to your goal line.

Wilmington Winners:

1st Place: Chrystie Frazier

2nd Place: Jorge Pena

3rd Place: Laura Knowles

Southport Winners:

1st Place: Turner Coleman

2nd Place: Jenny Schoo

3rd Place: Jessica Niedomanski

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